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   BOOK NOW < Astrology in Angie's View < Angie's approach to reading astrological charts is mainly based in Evolutionary Astrology. This perspective considers the consciousness level and provides insights into past life patterns; we tend to repeat these themes over lifetime until we become aware of the wounded patterns that need to break. Awakening to these cycles, unwinds old habits; with the help of astrological insight, we can raise our consciousness to a more vibrant way of expressing the energies of our birth blueprint. Angie also draws on perspectives of Shamanistic Astrology, primarily focusing on Venus' powerful synodic cycle and the phase of the Moon. Angie has also done considerable research into 'planetary' bodies that are less utilized; they provide additional flavoring for the interpretations. All of Angie’s guidance sessions, not just astrology readings, utilize the astrological charts relevant to the time and the client. Astrology is an immensely powerful tool that can change our lives and how we live in the world. It should be taught as a primary language in early childhood! How very different our world would be if practice of Astrology hadn’t been severed from science and religion. Join Angie in this passion for the power of Astrology by booking a session with her today!
< You Provide Birth Details < ﷯ Prior to your scheduled session, you’ll provide the date, time and location of your birth. The more accurate the time is the better. If no birth time is known, the reading can be done but with less depth. Attempt to locate the time by requesting a copy your birth certificate. The longer the lead time I have to prepare for your reading the better. < Your Privacy is Honored < ﷯ Your information and our sessions are maintained as confidential. Use of non-client charts in sessions is limited a cursory conversation of how their key planetary-energies are impacting your chart. Consider a "Relationship Synastry Astrological Guidance" session for more in-depth dynamics of a partnership you're involved in. Both parties must participate in the relationship session to honor each individuals privacy. < What You'll Get < ﷯ You’ll receive an electronic copy of your chart prior to the session. My service does not provide printed interpretations. Most sessions are conducted Online through Zoom. Depending on the Internet quality and the type of session, we may rely mostly on audio for best recording quality. Technical problems do occur; therefore, please consider doing your own audio recording as a backup. Successful recordings will be emailed.
< Valuable Exchange< ﷯ Often, the time for a session will feel too short. I often have flexibility to extend your session. I will give you notice of the time closing and provide you the option to pay an additional fee to continue our conversations. The time and money you’re spending for the session is valuable to me. Your input and direction is important. < English not Code Lanugage < ﷯ Astrology has it's own language that sound like you've landed in a foreign land. To make your reading meaningful, I will minimize the ‘astrology speak’ and translate the dynamics of the chart in descriptions and stories that is accessible to you. The sessions are not intended to teach you this ancient language and practice. < Disclaimer < ﷯ How you chose to use the advice, insight and interpretations Angie (through Happier Facts) provides is your own free will. She and Happier Facts are not responsible for how you chose to utilize the advice. That being said, she invites you to discuss your grievances with her to help us find a loving, peaceful and mutual resolution.



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